What Housekeepers Can Teach Us About Weight Loss

Recognizing the value of everyday movement might be the key to shifting your mentality toward success.

In a previous article, I discussed how taking a placebo can improve performance. For example, taking a supplement, which contains no active ingredients, helps athletes perform better. The placebo effect is dependent on what we perceive the substance will do. The stronger we believe the substance to be, the greater our benefit.


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First Trimester Pregnancy Workout

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first trimester pregnancy workout tone tighten 

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS!! I assume if you’re reading this post there will be a pretty significant life change for you in the next 6–9 months! Truth be told, someone near and dear to us just announced that she was pregnant (NOT my wife!) and was asking about some workouts that would be safe for her to do. I told her that I would come up with something for her and voila – here we are!

In all honesty pregnant patients are among my favorite to work with. Strengthening key muscles in your back and hips can result in a much healthier (dare I say happier!) pregnancy. Today I wanted to share a simple workout that you can do throughout your first trimester (as you feel up to it!) to stay strong and healthy and carry your baby safely! 
As a caveat to this workout – these are exercises that should be very safe for the majority of women in their first trimester. Of course, there is that small percentage of those who may not respond well to these exercises. You are encouraged to ask your doctor/OB/GYN and if working out is appropriate for you at every stage during your pregnancy. Now let’s get to work!

Warm Up

Stairs, jogging, even jumping jacks should still be okay at this point in the game! Pick your favorite and rock it out for about 3-5 minutes.

The Workout

Circuit 1

Plie Squats
Great for the thighs and butt, but kick on the hip external rotators with the “toes out” position and we’ve got a great exercise for your SI joint as well!

15 reps

Push Ups (modified if necessary)
One of my all-time favorite at-home exercises. Remember to check your form – straight back and keep you stomach sucked in.

10 reps


Side Plank
Great exercise for the obliques; kick on the transverse abdominis (probably one of the most important muscles in your abdomen) by sucking in your stomach and flexing it tight.

30 seconds each side


Repeated three times and then on to circuit 2!

Circuit 2

Star Lunges
Try to hit the 12, 3, and 6 positions with the right leg and then the 12, 9, and 6 positions with the left. That counts as one rep.
star lunge
7 reps on each side


Bent Over Dumbbell Rows
Remember to bend at your hips, keep your back flat, butt tight, and stabilize while pulling with your arms.
bent over row
10 Reps


Probably my favorite for the lower back and SI joint. Again, first trimester (and even up through the second) the belly should still be enough under control to make this one possible.

15 reps


Repeated 3 times!


Congratulations! You totally nailed it! By doing this workout regularly (2-4 times per week) throughout the first (and into the second) trimester you should maintain strong muscles and be on your way to a healthy pregnancy.


Looking for more great workouts safe for a first trimester? Here are some low-impact workouts that should be right up your alley!

no impact leg workout tone tighten 6 Minute Cardio Warm-Up on Tone-and-Tighten 15-minute-at-home-arm-workout-without-weights-tone-and-tighten

Make it happen,