5 Training Device Hacks to Save You Cash

These homemade devices can save your hard-earned money while allowing you train effectively.

There are a lot of devices on the market on which you can plunk down your money to get stronger and fitter. If you have a thick wallet, go for it. 
If you're like me – a thrifty cheapskate – you can make some effective less-expensive devices. Here are five training devices you can construct at a reasonable financial expense.

Durable Sand Bags

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Challenge Youth With Strength Training – Why Not?

Coaches, don’t let the sun set on the potential of youth weightlifting before its potential is discovered.

As a weightlifting coach, I am always looking to improve my knowledge. Finding new information is one way, but another approach is to look back on things I’ve done, programs I’ve written, and my deliverance of coaching. This is called self-reflection. It's a beautiful thing.


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15 Minute No More Belly Fat Cardio Workout

15 Minute No More Belly Fat Cardio on Tone-and-Tighten


This workout is perfect for those days when you are short on time, but still want to squeeze a little workout in. If I have more time, I will usually follow up this kind of workout with some type of arm workout or leg workout to make it a total body experience.

Equipment needed: nothing, just your body weight

Level: Beginner to Intermediate level

We’re still working out kinks with video on my mobile site. If you’re viewing this workout on a mobile device, please click “Menu” followed by “Full Site” to see the video. Have a great workout!


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By Jared Beckstrand