Use the Scientific Method to Take Control of Your Training

Training is one big experiment, and all good experiments follow the scientific method.

Proper strength programming is both an art and a science. An artistic science, if you will. We have access to an immense amount of time-tested methods backed by science. But we also have the realities of individual preferences, time constraints, and training responses. The art is balancing the two.


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50 Minute Fat Blasting Cardio Workout

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50-minute at-home cardio workout tone tighten

Don’t let cold and/or rainy fall weather prevent you from getting in a killer cardio session! This workout is a perfect way to get your calorie burn right in your living room. At 50 straight minutes it is pretty intense, but the moves are really fun and the time does go pretty quickly! Don’t have 50 minutes? Do it for 30! Do it for 15! The important thing is that you get up and move. Hope you enjoy!…

Equipment needed:

Beginner to Intermediate

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