The 6 Hour Calorie Window

According to a new study, the time of day you eat may be a lot more important than you’d think.

"Eating right" is about so much more than just avoiding processed foods and cutting back on sugar. A healthy diet means many things: eating the right balance of macronutrients, getting plenty of micronutrients, eating the right number of calories, even eating at the right time of day. According to a new study, the time of day you eat may be a lot more important than you'd think.


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Manduka Pro: Still the Best Mat for Yoga

Here’s a yoga mat that provides a stable, quality surface for your practice.

Yoga teachers and students alike are always looking for a yoga mat to last them a lifetime. The Manduka Pro yoga mat is an outstanding product for stable, safe, durable, and cushioned practice. This exceptional high quality yoga mat is thicker, longer, and wider than most yoga mats on the market today.

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Chase Worthy Goals and Quit Fitness Addiction

If you say “gym is life” without a twinge of irony, maybe it’s time you take a break.

No, this isn’t some quirky, witty way of tricking you to read about the benefits of exercise. I'm not promoting some new program that’s “anti-fitness,” or uber-ultra-functional in nature. It’s a call to action regarding your own personal motivations when it comes to fitness.

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Micro-Performance Enhancement: Energizing at Cellular Level

What you eat and drink today will either fuel you or degrade you for your upcoming activities.

Participation in collegiate sports requires a high amount of discipline, attention to detail, and the ability to successfully balance a variety of responsibilities. Coaches are then tasked with the management of their athletes, athletic directors are in charge of the athletic department and its coaches, and finally the NCAA regulates the universities and their athletic departments.

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Is Diabetes Caused by Toxic Fat Buildup?

Further studies into the effects of ceramides will hopefully provide a better understanding of how to prevent these fat cells from increasing diabetes risk.

The CDC estimates that over 29 million Americans live with diabetes, and an additional 86 million are living with prediabetes (higher than normal blood sugar, but not enough for a diabetes diagnosis). In 2013, diabetes was the 7th most common cause of American deaths, and is the primary cause of adult-onset blindness, lower limb amputations, and kidney failure.


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Is Your Doctor Giving You the Wrong Antibiotics?

Decades of rampant antibiotic overuse — doctors prescribing these drugs unnecessarily, farmers using them to fatten up livestock— has given rise to very serious, sometimes deadly superbugs such as C. difficile, which now sickens half a million Americans every year. In attempt to minimize these threats, there’s been a big push from the federal government and

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5 Movements to Unlock Your Leg Power

You can’t get the most out of your legs if your movement patterns are wrong.

Focusing on movement efficiency should be a primary aim of any well-constructed strength and conditioning program. Moving well requires a combination of mobility (flexibility and range of motion within the joints) and stability (motor control and postural musculature). On a continuum, achieving optimal fitness and athleticism looks like this: 

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Fat Loss Is a Steep Climb to the Bottom

As you get leaner, the battle against your body fat becomes harder.

It seems like body fat accumulation has become a hobby for many. It's a very simple process. First, you consume a large amount of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods. Then you bust your butt at not being physically active. BOOM! You're in the fat accumulation club. It's where biochemistry meets a lack of discipline. 

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