Real Food Fundamentals

Complicated diets are all the rage, but these basic steps are all you need to get started eating well.

People will give you all kinds of advice about what to eat and not eat. Most often that advice is based on something they read that reinforces their personal thoughts, or it’s based on something that works for them. All of it may be good advice in general, but it may not be good for you right at this time in your life.

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Are You Eating Enough Fiber?

Make smart choices in a fiber-deprived world to improve your health and performance.

If you want to improve your performance and health while aging without disease then you need to eat fiber. Unfortunately, we live in a fiber-deprived world. The processing of our food removes valuable nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making it difficult to know how to get enough fiber in your diet to reap all of the awesome benefits.


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7 Common Medications That Affect Sexual Performance

You hit the gym, eat well (most of the time) and get plenty of sleep. Whether you think about it or not, you're doing wonders for your sexual fitness. There is tons of evidence that your healthy habits directly correlates to your bedroom performance — but they aren't the only factors. The medications and supplements you take in particularly c…

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Build Mental Toughness in Kettlebell Sport

Train your grit by continuously pushing beyond your comfort zone.

I love kettlebell sport because it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried – and it never gets easier. The weights just get heavier and the pace increases. Of course with time and practice, your body and mind strengthen to face the demands of training and competition. But have no delusions – it’s always hard.


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Advanced At Home Workout Plan

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advanced workout plan at home 

Hey everyone! And welcome to another week here on Every Monday on my site I post an all-new “Weekly Workout Plan” – a series of workouts you can do throughout the week to sculpt, shred, cut, carve, tone and tighten! This week we’re dedicating to those who already have a pretty good fitness knowledge, but are looking to take their results to the next level. If you’re feeling like you current workout routine isn’t quite cutting it any more, I invite you to come along with me this week and let’s see how intense we can get! Below you’ll find 5 great advanced workouts you can shred through this week to take your results to a whole new level. This is going to be a good one – let’s get it started!

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And now on to the workouts!

Day 1 – 500 Calorie Interval Workout

Day 2 – Advanced HIIT Workout

Day 3 – Advanced Cardio Kickboxing

Day 4 – Brutal 20-Minute HIIT Workout
advanced at home hiit interval workout tone and tighten

Day 5 – Total Body Dumbbell Workout
total body dumbbell workout pinterest


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5 great advanced workouts to take your results further than you ever thought possible!

The best ab exercise for strength, tone, and definition

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best abdominal exercise for stomach definition

Sick of doing hundreds of sit ups and crunches and not seeing the results you’re after? The problem could actually be a little deeper than you think…

Sit ups and crunches are great exercises for one very specific part of your abs – your rectus abdominis muscle. When we refer to “abs”, the rectus is only one out of 4 key muscle groups that you need to be training in order to chisel out that amazing six pack and really make your midsection pop. Today on we’ll discuss some of these ab muscles and share one amazing exercise you need to be doing in order to maximally train them. Here we go!

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Your “abs” are actually a collection of four different muscles throughout your midsection. These are:

1. Rectus abdominis: The “six pack” muscle. It runs from the bottom of your lowest ribs to the top of your pelvis. This one is primarily activated as you do sit ups, crunches, reverse crunches, and any activity ab muscleswhere are your shoulders are coming closer to your hips.

2 and 3. Internal and Extertal obliques: Both of these muscles make up the outside or lateral wall of your abdomen. These muscles are primarily responsible for rotation motions in your trunk as well as side bending. If you’re interested in getting rid of the “muffin top” then these are the muscles to train.

4. Transverse abdominis: The unsung hero of the ab world and the topic of today’s post. Your transverse abdominis runs from the lowest five vertebrae of your spine, wraps around your sides, and attaches to a broad, flat tendon down the middle of your abs. This is the muscle you use when you try to suck in your stomach. It is a key muscle in bracing our spines and should be active whenever we try to lift anything (squatting, dad lifting, etc.).  Because its main purpose is to increase abdominal pressure and brace our spine during activity, functionally this muscle weighs a vital role. Because it also serves to suck in our stomach and makes us look a little thinner, aesthetically it also plays a vital role. If you want a stronger, thinner, more-toned midsection – it’s time to start training that transverse abdominis a little more aggressively!

So now that we have established the importance of the transverse abdominis muscle and you can’t wait to start to see your results from training it, the question remains – how do we even train the transverse abdominis muscle?! As I mentioned previously – don’t waste your time with thousands of sit ups and crunches… the best exercise for you is a plank!

How does one properly do a plank? I actually shot a video explaining it! Here are some key tips to proper plank form:

But what about if planking is painful? Why would my back hurt when I plank? There are 3 main reasons why your back might hurt when you plank. They are:

Straight planks are an awesome, beginner-level exercise. If you’re looking to take your ab game to a whole new level, there are dozens of plank variations that will target different specific muscles in your abs as you hold these various positions. Check out 25 of my personal favorite plank variations here:

Finally, let’s put it all together. Check out the following two workouts: I’ve put various planks together into non-stop hold positions that are sure to blast your abs from every possible angle. Warning – these are not of the faint of heart! Try them out:



Take your results further and carve out your best midsection yet with the fantastically simple yet incredibly effective plank exercise!

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best abdominal exercise for muscle definition pinterest