How to Develop Iron Grip Strength for BJJ

A tight grip is crucial component of controlling your opponent, and there are several ways to train for stronger hands.

Why is specific grip training for BJJ so important? If your grips fail, all your technique goes out of the window. It becomes hard to execute anything.


This article will show you how to develop grip strength specifically for BJJ. I’ll break down grip training into five key areas based on BJJ hand movements. I’ll provide example exercises for each, as well as an explanation of their benefits.


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Understanding and Analyzing Your Movement Environment

When it comes to natural movement, where you train isn’t as important as how you do it.

To the question, “Where should I train natural movement?” the answer is simple: anywhere and everywhere.


It is essential to be able to move and perform in diverse environments and situations with both effectiveness and efficiency. Indeed, can we even talk about real-life physical competency without including a great degree of contextual adaptability?


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10 of the Best Bodyweight Workouts

Our Weekly Workout Plans feature just a few of my many workouts on Tone and Tighten
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10 of the best bodyweight workouts to tone and tighten your body

No gym? No equipment? NO PROBLEM!!!

Hey everyone! And welcome to another killer week here on Tone and Tighten!

One of the questions that I get asked the most frequently from you as readers is “what can I do at home with no workout equipment?” Answer – A LOT! Today on this week’s “Weekly Workout Plan” I’m giving you TEN (that’s right – 10!!) awesome workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home using nothing but your own bodyweight as resistance. You can get in a great workout; you can get in a killer shred; you can totally Tone and Tighten without a gym and without equipment. Here we go…

Every Monday I post a “Weekly Workout Plan” here on Tone and Tighten. Usually it’s about 5 workouts that you can do throughout the week to mix up your regular “routine” and take your results to another level. This week, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite bodyweight workouts. Your job is to do at least 5 of them (surprise yourself and try to do more!) on days of your choosing. Let’s do this…

Day One
Bodyweight Bootcamp for Beginners
bodyweight bootcamp workout for beginners video tone and tighten

Day Two
15-Minute At-Home Interval Workout Without Weights
quick at home interval workout no equipment required tone and tighten

Day Three
At Home Sculpted Back Workout

Day Four
15-Minute Total Body Workout

Day Five
800-Calorie Workout – No Equipment Required!

Day Six
15-Minute Arm Workout Without Weights

Day Seven
20-Minute Total Body Workout

Day Eight
Cardio and Strength Bodyweight Workout
cardio and strength bodyweight workout tone and tighten

Day Nine
6 Ab Exercises Better Than Sit-ups

Day Ten
At-Home 7’s Workout

Looking for more great at-home workouts? You have to try Tone and Tighten’s 
8-Week Beginner Workout Plan!
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By Jared Beckstrand