Soccer’s 2 Mile Sprints Are Brutal

Research into women’s soccer shows players running for over 10 km per game and sprinting for nearly 3 km.

The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) has a pay cap of just $37,800 per player. That's compared to an average of more than $300,000 for men's Major League Soccer. Furthermore, NWSL has a salary ceiling of just $265,000 for each team — compared to more than $3 million for the men.


Women's professional sports' salaries are below the poverty line

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Want to Perform Better? Eat Your Greens.

Combine nitrate supplementation with sprint interval training (SIT) in hypoxia situation and you could improve athletic performance.

A study1 out of the University of Leuven in Belgium, published in Frontiers in Physiology,  tested 27 moderately trained subjects. The subjects were given nitrate supplement capsules in low oxygen, hypoxia, situations, and tested against a placebo group and normal oxygen situations. The supplements were given ahead of sprint interval training (SIT), which consisted of intense short cycling sessions 3 times a week. Nitrates are commonly found in green, leafy vegetables like spinach.

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The Curse of Stress, and How to Break It

Our primal fight-or-flight instinct has metastasized into a grinding, chronic disease.

I see him everywhere: the man cursed by stress. Though his face and name may change, the story is always the same. Today he’s standing in line at Starbucks, a line that overflows out the door onto the shopping mall floor, all the way to the cell phone kiosk and the distressingly large ad for a distressingly large cinnamon roll.


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Sleep as a Catalyst for Fat Loss

Portion control, food choices, exercise intensity, and hunger all depend on the sleep we get.

Over the past year, I’ve continually identified sleep as the limiting factor for many people’s weight loss attempts. Beyond tracking food intake and exercise, I’ve had people I work with track sleep. It doesn't have to be detailed; I just want to know if they're over seven hours or under. It’s striking how much sleep deprivation can get in the way of success.

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