FREE 7-day workout and healthy recipe plan

Not sure what to eat? Workouts have you a little confused?
Eliminate all guessing and start progressing towards the goals you have set for yourself!

Introducing the newest plan to hit…

The 7-Day Workout and Healthy Recipe Guide!

Here’s the deal – it’s absolutely FREE! I want you to progress towards your goals and I’m passionate about Tone and Tighten helping you to get there. Simply let me know which email address you would like me to send your guide to and you’re done! That’s it! You’ll receive one email a day over the next seven days containing PDF versions of…

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But of course we all know exercise is only half the game. I would also love to help you with your diet and eating healthier. You also get… 


This is something new that I’ve actually wanted to try on my site for some time. I personally feel that by using T&T workouts and incorporating these healthy recipes into your daily life that you can achieve amazing things. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to make this as easy as possible and this is my first step in that direction. If you do sign up (and why wouldn’t you?? I mean – 7 days of workouts and healthy dinners delivered literally right to your inbox?!) I would love to get your feedback on the program! Leave me a comment below or shoot me an email with your questions, comments, and opinions at jared{at}

So what are you waiting for?! Click on the image below to get started right now on Day One!

click here 7-day workout and recipe guide

Make it happen,


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