Best Workout Remixes – Power Playlist – Your Favorite Workout Songs Remixed

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best workout remix playlist tone and tighten

This is the remix.

I’m a huge fan of working out to music. There’s nothing that gets you hyped like when your jam comes on! In an effort to keep my playlists fresh so as to avoid boredom at the gym I’m always looking for new music to workout to. Recently I came across a few remixes of songs that I really liked and decided to make a little effort to expand on that list! Here are my top 20 remixes of some of my favorite songs for working out. Because sometimes you’ve just go to break away from the normal! Check them out below…

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As always, I make every effort to find the clean versions of all these songs. It’s a personal preference – I don’t like a lot of profanities in my music. The links to these songs and the Spotify playlist below SHOULD contain clean lyrics but I disclaim responsibility if there are a few cuss words in there. Hope you enjoy!

Umbrella – Travis Barker Remix

Maps (Workout Mix)

Crazy Train – CPR Remix

We Will Rock You – LP & JC Remix

Break Free (Workout Remix)

Can’t Hold Us (Running Mix)

Turn Me On (Michael Calfan Remix)

Walk This Way – Run DMC and Aerosmith

Beat It 2008 – Thriller 25th Anniversary

Eye of the Tiger 2012 (Gordon & Doyle Remix)

Feel This Moment

When We Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix)

Back in Black (Workout Remix)

Rock It (Gonna Fly Now Remix)

Welcome to the Jungle (Hard Rock Remix)

Run This Town – HumanJive Remix

Boom Boom Pow (feat J Rae) – Power Remix

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By Jared Beckstrand

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