Kid Food Fix: Scratch Made Mac and Cheese

Adults often underestimate the ability of kids to enjoy complex foods.

As a parent, I think a lot about what my kids put into their bodies. I made the transition to healthier eating when my older children were just starting elementary school. This means many of their food habits were already established and it was a challenge to get my family on board without immediately turning up their noses. Admittedly, my kids, like many others, ate a lot of boxed convenience “kid” foods and didn’t get a large variety of vegetables. My third child was born just as I was changing over to a nutritious whole foods lifestyle.

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Groundbreaking New Study: Parents Flirt With Each Other While Dropping Their Kids Off at School

The world is full of hidden wonders and astounding facts. Our brains, just a few pounds of wrinkly pink meat, produce all that we think and feel. Figs are fertilized by tiny wasps who crawl into them through a hole and die. Judge Judy earns $47 million a year.

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What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Exercising

When you fall off exercise, you may feel like your fitness levels tank, and fast. Turns out, that’s not just a feeling. For endurance junkies, your ability to take in oxygen for cardio decreases seven percent with just three weeks of rest, and exercise newbies are back to

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Winterize Your Brain with Vitamin D

If your brain does not work optimally, you do not work optimally.

If your brain does not work optimally, you do not work optimally. It is plain and simple. All of our brains need a variety of things in order to function properly, like fuel and oxygen. The next big one may be vitamin D, the one most of us get very little of throughout the winter—and guess what? “Winter is coming.”


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The Power of Intention

If you see your set before it happens, there is no question of your success.

How many of you are the best lifter you can be? How many of you take a level of concentration into your training that is unshakable? How many of you walk onto the training floor with such laser-like focus that you are completely tuned into every aspect of your movement? We all would love to say that was us. But in reality, all of us could step our game up. 
It all starts with intention. 

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Study Reveals 3 Keys to Diet Success

We focus on the wrong things when talking about fat loss.

The world has many deficiencies, but there’s no shortage of opinions on fat loss. Low carb, high carb, popcorn at every meal, detoxes, fasting, and thousands of other protocols exist. However, according to a recent meta-analysis, the adherence to weight loss protocols were as low as 10% in some studies after 12 months.1 These interventions are not anything as “hardcore” as some of the diets you have heard of.

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5 Of The Best Lower Abs Workouts For Women

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Looking for amazing ab definition? Tried workouts in the past that fell short of your goals? Looking to tone your abs and slim your waist but aren’t too sure how to do it? You might be missing the mark in your workouts by aiming a little too high. The key to a slimmer, more sculpted midsection is focusing your efforts on the hardest part of your abs to train – the lower abdominals. The lower part of your rectus abdominis is typically the hardest to train because there are only certain movements that effectively activate it; otherwise the upper part of your abs takes over (up around your ribs). This results in great strength and tone a little higher, but the lower part can stay a little “poochy”… and that’s no bueno. Today on I’m sharing with you 5 of my best workouts to sculpt your lower abs. You’ll tone and tighten things up resulting in a slimmer, sexier midsection! Starts right now – here we go! 

Working out is certainly an integral part of stomach definition, but we’ve all heard that “abs are made in the kitchen”. Simply put – your diet has to be on point in order to truly see maximum results from these workouts. That’s why I created two fantastic menu plans to help you get the results you’re after…

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And now on to the ab workouts!

Workout One
Non-Stop Lower Abs Workout

Workout Two
Lower Abs Workout
lower abs workout best exercises


Workout Three
8-Minute Lower Abs Workout8-Minute-Lower-Abs-Workout1

Workout Four
5 Essential Moves to Tone and Tighten Your Lower Abdominalslower-abdominal-exercises-workout-tone-tighten.jpg

Workout Five
6 Stability Ball Exercises To Flatten Your Stomach

exercise swiss ball ab workout stomach tone tighten


There you have them! Six of the best workouts you can do at home to Tone and Tighten your midsection!
I hope you find these useful and effective as you pursue your health and fitness goals.

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