Volunteering for Youth Sports: It’s Good for Your Brain

Nervous about jumping into youth coaching? There’s no need. Here are some tips if you’re just getting started.

“Guess who’s coaching our son’s baseball team?” I screamed at my husband, as he groggily awoke the day after returning home from a deployment to Iraq.


“Please tell me it’s not me,” he responded with his eyes still shut.


“No, it’s me!” I yelled with exuberance, and then quietly added, “But you’re my manager.”


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A Sandbag Plank Combo for Core and Pulling Strength

You can only hold a plank for so long. To increase the core strength benefits of this exercise, add a sandbag and start pulling.

The plank is one of the most common go-to exercises for the core. But as with all strength training exercises, you eventually need progression. The coaches at Ultimate Sandbag Training share one such way to enhance the plank by using a sandbag. The goal is not necessarily to move the weight far or fast, but to focus on stability by using uneven leverages.


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Bro, Do You Even Read? Assessing Trainer Competence

A recent study reveals that a personal training certification does not necessarily equal knowledge.

So, you hire a personal trainer or seek advice to help you lose weight, get stronger, or obtain a specific performance goal. In doing this, you’re admitting one of two things.


  1. You have no clue of what to do.
  2. You know what to do, but you need a swift kick in the ass by that hired hand.


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Amazing Inner Thigh Workout At Home!

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inner thigh workout at home no equipment tone tighten

Shorts and swimsuit season is coming – are you ready?

With the temperatures starting to heat up and shorts/swimsuit season coming into full swing, I am starting to get more requests from you guys for workouts that will shape and sculpt your legs. One of the most common requests that I get here on T&T is for your inner thighs. Well today we’ve got just that! Shape the legs of your life for swimsuit and shorts season this summer with this inner thigh roaster!

Kind of a fun format on this one – we’ll break up seven exercises into three different circuits. The first two circuits will hit the inner thigh, but kind of an “overall” leg emphasis to start. The third circuit, however, buckle up! We coming full-speed at shaping amazing thighs! Hope you like it!

Circuit 1

10 Squats
Get the blood flowing with some good ol’ air squats

10 Slide Lunges (each leg)
One of my favorite for the inner and outer leg muscles! Towels work great on hardwood or paper plates are awesome on carpet. While lowering into a lunge on the left leg slide the right as far as you can out to the side.
slide lunge

Repeat Circuit 1 three times and move on to Circuit 2

Circuit 2

10 Plie Squats
We’ll externally rotate at the hips to put a little more emphasis on the adductor!

3 Star Lunges (each leg)
Lunge forward, 45 degrees, sideways, backwards 45 degrees, and straight back to complete “1 rep”
star lunge2


Repeat Circuit 2 three times and move on to Circuit 3

Circuit 3
Here we go! You asked for it!

20 Bridge with Ball Squeeze
Bridges are great for the butt, but I want you to find a ball or pillow folded in half to SMASH between your legs while you do this one!
bridge with ball squeeze

20 Scissor Kicks
Bring your legs a little higher than a standard scissor kick – about a 45 degree angle from the floor. Focus on speed – try to do these as fast as you safely can!
scissor kicks

20 Seated Dumbbell Leg Lifts
Finally, find a 5-10 pound dumbbell. Sit on the edge of a chair, stand the dumbbell upright on the floor, and pinch it between your feet. Keep you knees straight and use you stomach/hips to lift the dumbbell up off the floor. (similar lift to the pic below, only seated)
inner thigh leg lift


Repeated three times (you knew I was going to go there!!)

Just remember how amazing you’re going to look every time you have to sit down over the next couple of days! (Think of me!)

This is just one of many awesome workouts I have available here on T&T!
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