Research Says Nature Provides Secret Tools for Reducing Stress

Give your cortisol and DHEA levels a boost by investing time getting closer to nature.

There is something about nature that we inherently love. We crave nature if we spend too much time in the city. Well, hopefully you do, because if you're disconnected from the natural world, you are sabotaging your precious gains and stressing yourself out.


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Avoiding the Bad Coach: A Parent’s Guide

Trust your instincts and identify the warning signs of a coach who is on the wrong track.

Spring sports are around the corner, and if you haven’t already found your child’s coach or if you aren’t happy with your child’s current coach, then this article is for you. This article will reveal some of the warning signs of a bad coach and assist you and your child in avoiding a painful sports season.


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How To Get More Steps for your FitBit – 10 tips to help!


How To Get More Steps Each Day on Tone-and-Tighten

Like many of you, my wife and I LOVE our FitBits. I gave one to my wife last year for Mother’s Day and she has not stopped walking since!
Some of her sisters also got FitBits and they usually have a competition going on to see who can get the most steps in a day or even the most steps in a week.

Fitbit Zip

Observing all the crazy things that she does to get more steps got me thinking . . . I bet that there are many of you on-board with this FitBit craze and would be interested in learning ways to sneak in more steps to your day!

Without further adieu, here are some ideas to help get you more steps each day:

1. Go for a walk (or two or three walks!)
Every step counts . . . whether it’s a quick lap around the block after dinner or a late night walk with your friend, just get moving. You could even get a dog who loves to go for walks everyday so that you have someone to hold you accountable.

2.Too cold to go walk outside? Walk inside!
Here is a 2 Mile Indoor Walk you can do in your living room. There are no excuses!

3. Walk and talk.
Any time you make a phone call, walk in place. Also, whenever you are checking your Instagram or Facebook feed on your phone, be up and walking! I was checking my email on my phone the other day and got in 400 steps in a matter of minutes!

4. Get up once an hour.
If you are at work, set an alarm or reminder once an hour to remind you to get up and walk around for 2-3 minutes. Like I said before, every step counts!

5. Take the farthest parking spot.
When you go to the grocery story or shopping mall, park in the farthest parking stall possible and get some more steps in!

6. Watch and walk . . .
My wife usually takes a couple of minutes each day to catch up on Jimmy Fallon from the night before or watch an old Friends’ episode, but she doesn’t sit and watch, she is up and walking! Walking in place is very effective when trying to get more steps.

7. Clean Up, One Thing At A Time
It’s always nice to multi-task and so my wife will clean and walk at the same time . . . however, in an effort to get more steps, she will clean up just one item at a time. For example, our washing machine is in the basement and our bedrooms are on the top floor so she will bring the laundry up one piece at a time, taking about 70 steps with each trip up and down the stairs. The cleaning is getting done (even if it is a little slower than usual!) and she is getting in a ton of steps.

8. Try Zumba!
My wife loves to start her day off with Zumba. Not only does it burn insane calories, but it gives you a lot of steps! Check out these 10 FREE Zumba workouts you can do at home!

9. March in place while you brush your teeth.
You should be brushing AT LEAST twice a day (right?!), so why not use that dedicated time to squeeze in a couple more steps?

10. Challenge your friends and family.
Seriously, there is no faster way to get more steps in than when you are competing against someone else! Grab a buddy and get walking!

Looking for some more workouts that will give you more steps?
Check out these ones:
Indoor Jogging Workout

10 of the Best Dance Workouts

The Stair Workout

Forskolin is a Potential Testosterone Booster, cAMP Activator, and Androgen Receptor Activator

Forskolin is a labdane diterpene found in an Indian plant called Coleus Forskohlii. Dozens of studies have proven it to be a potent cAMP activator, while one human study found that forskolin increases testosterone. One study even found that the herb activates androgen receptors.
Update 27.2.2015: Added a study where forskolin was able to activate androgen receptors (more in detail below).
Forskolin is not that popular of a supplement for sure, and most commonly its used as a fat burner (not that effective IMHO), vasodilator, or to relieve glaucoma symptoms. However there’s one interesting benefit to Forskolin which everyone else seems to miss.
It has shown some very promising effects on male testosterone levels:

Forskolin as a Testosterone Booster

coleus forskohlii testosteroneLike I said above, Forskolin as a supplement is not that popular, and it’s use as a testosterone booster is even less popular.
With that being said, there’s still some interesting studies about this fascinating diterpene…
…Firstly, Forskolin is well known to increase the levels of cAMP in cells and tissue (cAMP is a messenger that transports biological signals between cells and hormones). Increased cAMP levels should by all laws of common sense, increase the sensitivity, amount, and activity of hormones all over the body.
…Secondly, in this in vitro study, Forskolin was able to raise testosterone levels by almost 200% in isolated rat leydig cells. Many scientists use Forskolin as a “positive control” in cell studies because it has positive testosterone stimulating effect on testicular leydig cells.
…Thirdly, this study led by a scientist Michael P. Godard, had 30 obese male subjects who were divided into two groups, the Forskolin group and the placebo group.
The Forskolin group received 250 mg’s of 10% Forskolin extract twice a day for 12 weeks, and the placebo group obviously got a fake pill.
At the end of the 12 week period, the Forskolin group noted a 33% increase in testosterone when compared to placebo.
NOTE: The only downfall with Gorard’s study is the fact that it was funded by the company that manufactures a weight loss supplement called forslean, which contains forskolin as one of the active ingredients. However the study has since been peer-reviewed by several other researchers and it has been published in countless of high quality medical journals, meaning that the study should be pretty legit after all.
…Fourthly, in this in-vitro study, the researchers found out that forskolin is a potent activator of androgen receptors in multiple different human cells. This activation was likely due to the fact that forskolin increases cAMP, which then increases protein kinase A (PKA), which is an enzyme that regulates glycocen, sugar, and lipid metabolism inside the receptors. These results suggest that forskolin is not only a testosterone booster, but also a “testosterone utilizer”, as it activates the receptor sites in which testosterone molecules bind into.


There’s some interesting studies suggesting that Forskolin might be a potential testosterone booster, albeit more studies would be needed to validate that claim.
We should also remember that as Forskolin increases cAMP levels in the cells, it might also elevate other hormones, not only testosterone (in theory, you probably shouldn’t use anything that boost cAMP if you’re battling with high estrogen levels).
If you want to try Forskolin, this brand would probably be the best pick (it’s also similar to the one used in Gorard’s study).
NOTE: Some of you will probably ask this, so to save some time I’m answering the question here: Yes Forskolin should be cycled poperly because its a herbal compound.

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Don’t Like Brussels Sprouts? These 3 Recipes Will Change Your Mind

If you think you don’t like Brussels sprouts, give these recipes a shot. I’ve never had leftovers.

It's time for us all to admit we have shifted from a kale obsession to Brussels sprouts. Every menu in the Los Angeles area has a sprout dish showing up, and this gal could not be happier. The athlete in me is also overjoyed – or, should I say, the cramping athlete in me is overjoyed?



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